We honour our planet by respecting the future – we want to create a setting for a sustainable lifestyle. Let’s celebrate what’s good in life with a safe and healthy environment.

The food revolution
Food for a better world

Here at Kitchen & Table, we want to use greens and crops of the utmost quality, and improve them through traditional cooking techniques.

We are inspired by the melting pot of Manhattan and the city’s urban gardens.

Kitchen & Table presents a menu featuring Modern Rustic Classics with a twist as well as locally produced Green Plates with a major focus on seasonal ingredients and traditional techniques.

In the urban gardens that have been planted on the roofs of various buildings of New York, adorning the skyline of one of the world’s biggest cities, we saw our path to a new modern food philosophy.



We green nudge our menus, meaning that we offer you greener and healthier options. We keep our main foundation and source, our DNA, where local ingredients get a Manhattan twist.
The urban gardens and Nordic agriculture are the sources of what ends up on our plates. And the guest experience is also very much influenced by this in terms of ambiance, interior design and décor in the restaurants.